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By docstar77

I have a Gio Falcon, brand new from dealer only 2 months old, this model ; ... cts/falcon

Has been running great until yesterday, was out at a restaurant, battery was fully charged when I left
to go to restaurant, was only in place for 40 mins, when I came back out bike would not turn on.
No power, no horn, no lights, panel display did not power on

Ended up having to physically walk bike home, did not have pedals on bike at time.

On the way home, a couple of times there were hills, when I went down a hill, I could see the LED panel display with the spedometer etc, LED battery charge visual display, signal light indicator, erratically light up - flashing on and off but when at bottom of hill would all go dark again

When I got home tried to charge battery up, but it was close to full so it didnt charge long - tried turning it on again and still nothing

Read manual trouble shooting section for things to try ;

opened bike seat and looked at fuse box, switch was turned to off position, I tried to turn it to the on position and bike emitted a loud alarm sound, beeping, and then it switched it self back to the off position, - at first the fuse box would not stay in the on position then noticed casing needed to be pushed back a bit, then i tried to switch it more firmly to on position, alarm beeping type sound would happen again
but now it would stay in the on position. When I tried to turn ignition key again, the control pal LEDs, ammeter, etc would light up briefly but then faded out after a few seconds and still no apparent power and
bike wont turn on

called the dealer and they had no meaningful answers, they are a long ways away so its a real challenge for me to have to port it back to them

any ideas as to why this is happening and how to fix?

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