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Spin Mobility, where their company, have a "sudden change of hearts" in my opinion, introduced the 6th gen scooter, off the shelf Okai ES600*, I haven't seen it roll out in the streets, but oh boy, they a) like to use off the self products, b) their 6th gen scooter uses visible batteries. Guess they didn't learn, but in Cities like SF, visible batteries means their juice boxes either fall off quickly, entire scooters vandalized, and for example, the chime scooters, 4.0 and 4.1, people managed to get it off the scooter through brute force.
Differences between visible batteries and enclosed batteries:
Enclosed Batteries, like the Bird 2-4, 590, Spin S100 7th Edition, Veo Cosmo, and Link (Superpesderian), are batteries installed inside the scooter, which usually has a cover that pops open to swap the batteries, or enclosed in the scooter entirely.
Visible Batteries, Like the Lime 4.0, 4.1, And Bird Bike are batteries that are latched into the scooter but is Visible to the rider, usually mounted with a locking mechanism that keeps the batteries and the scooter together.

Even though it has a 700W motor that can be used to climb steep hills, it looks like it has a visible batteries which poses issues like (see above), and even though they are more convivence to swap on the field, they are not smart enough to prevent brute force, and as with any scooters out there, prevent it from being thrown into the ocean. Turn signals is a nice add on, but there are reports of people cutting brake lines. Electronic brakes are a good solution as they are a backup to ensure the fleet is running for months to come before any replacement, but when introducing visible batteries out into the field is, in my opinion, not a good investment in the long term.

New technology on shared scooter is a sweet add on, like turning signals, sidewalk detection, etc, but the fundamental should not be forgotten. Secure the batteries, using enclosed system, and secure the scooter for the long run.

Also a bit off topic, it looks like they finally picked up some unwanted scooters (S100 7th Edition ) from a campus way outside of their service area.
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