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“””Yes “”” been known for months in my location .. people have been switching Handle bars out and Setting the birds FREE .. The only thing is that the LCD does not work .. but everything else functions .. seen handfuls of jumps missing bars .. uber is tripping for sure . And Birds are running Free . Just thought I would share this with everyone .. #freethebird

The Desl is Jump & Spin ESModels the GPS / Brain is mounted on the round Neck down low . And the on\off or Dashboard is just there on the handle bars . Unlike the Bird ...the Birds have a brain on top where the dash board would normally be . So what people are doing.. they are swapping bars out with the on/off dashboard from jump and spin and setting the Birds Free . The only thing is the readout on the LCD will not show any display .. but the scooter will work .. lights on /off under the deck everything just won’t have control and options like a new dashboard

Same here. Look at my post above. That’s an eBay es2 dash/brain. The JUMP I’m fiddling with has no GPS/control box on it but the cord is there. It’s still locked, lights flashing, display reads as I show above. ES2 loves the eBay dash replacement. Es4 not so much. Must need a control box on front....or a new control unit inside. Weird notifications/errors on Segway app too.....
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