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Well, The company that switched hands and had a cold "battle" between us and them. Long story short, (If they are reading this, thanks for the decommissioned 100T), back in the days they don't geofence outside their service area, they don't mind too much about me keeping one for a while, using it outside of their service zone (because provided sometimes going over the 5 free 30 min/day gave them some revenue) on top of paid users riding them. Then they sold to Tier Mobility, things changed really quick, gave my access the hammer, geofenced their service zones, while in return we just had them pick them up manually because might as well. Back in the days people were straight up modifying their SNSC 2.3s and breaking them.
It seems they resolved this issue with a non existent truce. Don't F with our SNSC2.3s or whatever, Do whatever you want with a single 100T's frame. (Moreover there is no point keeping the 100T due to missing battery, they rather use the SNSC 2.3s to keep them going).

Again, Welcome to my Cities, where almost any social order is optional.

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