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By Jnsystems
I don't even see media coverage about this change being implemented, but Lime (Neutron Holdings Inc) Began to start charging around $0.50 cents to start + 0.24 cent per minute +tax and fees starting July 1st. This is around 55% off the regular fares. Baywheels/Lyft Bikes for All costs, $0.05/min (but caps at $1 for a 60 minute ride). $0.13/minutes after 60 minutes (per ride). Before this change, they were (5) 30 minutes ride per day, normal rates if exceed in minutes/rides. Bird (Scoot Rides Inc/Bird Rides Inc) Left San Francisco (too lazy to post that), they only charged $1.50 + $0.07/minute in San Francisco.
They also replaced their fleet with next to all Gen 3 Scooters, got out of San Jose, and hid their Gen 4 and 4.1 off the streets.
The only other low cost way to ride their scooters is to [REDACTED] for lime through [REDACTED].
Guess their scooters should be left on trains and far places because of this.
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