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For those fleet manager or those higher up in the chain, feel free to talk with us if you serve the bay area, with your emails ending in li(dot)me or Equivalent. Those capable to give me Lime Supply Access/Lime Juicer is preferred. Open discussion :)

The Lim "Access Program" Their Equity Program serves little purpose but provides disadvantaged or low income communities with discounted or included rides through a subscription or given. Verification is done online through their contact form with your identity + low income documents (varies by city) while they process the application. Once Approved, you can recieve the benefits and text their dedicated number to transact with their scooters and check your balance. (For example Texting "Unlock (scooter id)" unlocks the specified scooter id and vice versa) Their web form allows users to add cash to their accounts as needed through partner retailers using paynearme or similar as opposed of putting fareboxes or parking meters on their scooters for cash users.

I have X free rides up to X minutes per day. Once you went past X minutes or X rides, you pay regular rates per overage minutes.
All that plus any taxes and fees.
I went ~5 minutes over the X minutes included on my free rides. I owe them less then $5. I paid $5 through cash using paynearme. I still can't ride due to their system still showing a negative balance on their side even though I have paid their negative balance and have remaining funds left for overage minutes/rides.


Sorry for the delay in following up.

We are actively working on your case and have engaged our Engineering teams to assist with further investigation. We will notify you as soon as we receive new information. Please bear with us in the meantime.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

Lime Customer Experience

Lime, CTRL+F the response message shown above to find my response email to follow up.
Maybe if the scooter companies are advanced in their technology, they should, at least for us, end the ride when X minutes is up, have audible minute warnings, able to end rides from the scooter itself, display a countdown for the X minutes provided in the Account, and start ride from scooter itself, like baywheels.
Other scoot companies are not exempt from this. Please just do better.

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