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Recently, In San Francisco, Lime (AKA Neutron Holdings Inc) Removed next to all of their Gen 4 and 4.1 Scooters off the streets, leaving the entire streets of SF empty of their scooters for around 3 days. Today, they decided to deploy their Gen 3 Scooters into San Francisco, which is decent enough for them to do so, but it looks like they can't go up steep inclines, and with their ~250W motor and their internal battery, (well, they must have took my advice lol), might not last more then 2 (30 Minute Rides) before needing a recharge. Also it does appear that they also did not turn on the option to allow Juicers to Juice their scooters, because they promised SF on their application that they won't be using independent contractors.
Apparently, their Gen 4 Scooters still exists in San Francisco, but in their Warehouse, that (one) appears not to even be fully charged. A week before they took back the gen 4 scooters, they released the seated variant of their Gen 4.1 scooters. It was fun riding it but it is a shame to see it go back to their warehouse.

Edit: They redeployed the gen 4/4.1 scooters on 1/1/2023 it looks like, alongside with their gen 3. Maybe it's a good idea for Lime to enable juicer mode on their equity accounts and for those that participate in juicing them, in exchange for good perks like unlimited 30 min rides, etc (like bay wheels bike angels but better)

Edit 2: There are barely any Gen 4/4.1 Scooters in SF, now it's really, really rare to none, next to every scoot there is gen 3, the closest Gen 4 maybe in Sacramento. If anything breaks, rarely, gotta head over there by horse just to get some parts from the waffle house.
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