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By guisar
I was headed out of the office today and talking on the phone while walking down the sidewalk. I was pretty oblivious to what was going on behind me while strolling down the street. Out of no where a scooter comes flying up behind me and zips by inches from my side. Seconds later another scooter does the same thing. If I had taken a step to the left I'd be in the hospital right now instead of on my couch typing this. Luckily I kept walking straight and nothing terrible happened.

Until this happened I thought people were overreacting to people riding Birds on the sidewalk. I thought this because when I ride on the sidewalks I slow way down when approaching pedestrians and assumed everyone else did the same. Nope, I was wrong. I understand why riders don't ride these on streets without bike lanes, they are to slow, but if you have to ride on the sidewalk slow down!
By 88raygen
So here's my own little tale to compliment your near brush with the ER.
In Portland, Or it's illegal to ride on the sidewalks and some of the city parks as well. Some of the bike paths are supposed t be off limits as well as we have a very, very, verrrry bike conscious city.
Anyways I was on one of these bike paths on a Spin rental with my buddy on his bike behind me. Up ahead were two pedestrians. Having plenty of room I hit my bell and realized as they turned to stare at me with deer in the headlights look, that they weren't stepping to the side.
Having but two choices I chose wrong (as usual). When these two knuckleheads didn't move I swerved and headed for the curb hitting the brakes trying not to fly too far out into traffic. Of course the throttle on the rental decided at that time to stick open full.
I swerved my way right into the ER with a busted (3 places ) right leg. I said it was the wrong choice because at least if I'd have ran them down I would have had some company in the hospital.
Good news though....I avoided surgery......only to have it on my wrist 2 months later when another Spin scooter decided to lock the brakes up on me and send me to the ER again with a broken wrist which I just had plates and screws put in. Enjoy your freedom to ride on the sidewalks :D

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