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Fly with the flock
By JJ434
Since late last week when we received the email stating that prices will not increase on scooter bounties and citing hoarders as the cause...Our town is littered with inoperable dead birds. I can only imagine how many riders tried to scan and ride these scooters with no power.
It appears the majority of our local chargers have in fact refused to pick up $3 birds. This is a good thing.
In observing the patterns of pricing on our map, last night at 9pm there were four $5 scooters out of about 50 $3 scooters.
The $5 scooters were all at opposite ends of the map.

This leads me to the conclusion that the company is trying to bank on the idea that the $5 scooter will get you motivated enough to go out and capture then you will give in and fill your vehicle with $3 birds since you are already at it....It appears to not be working. Seemingly, the riders are mostly on LIMEs now since the majority of $3 birds have been sitting for about two days dead. I've never seen so many 0% batteries on the map.

It's interesting to watch this technology unfold but it seems almost embarrassing that this Billion Dollar company is still trying to figure these basic pricing structures out while directly deeming much of their fleet inoperable over a few dollars.

Refuse to charge $3 & $4 scooters. It WILL work in your favor sooner than later.

I was seriously about to purchase a beater pick up truck this weekend for $1200 to do some serious scooter volume and scrapped the idea due to the new idea of the week with Bird Bounties. It would have held sixty scooters easily... Glad I held out and turned down that pick up. I'd been killing myself to recoup that $1200 at $3 a piece.

Refuse to charge $3 & $4 scooters.

Yes unfortunately. I think they could lower it to .50 cents and they would still get picked up down here. There is a dude on YouTube trying to rent a place for 1200 to charge $2 dollars birds...

Its probably $50 to recycle or dispose of the battery.
Higher fines for littering corrosive material.

They plan on just leaving their property for another to clean up after?

Wonder how much in gas and electricity is spend collecting and charging each.

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