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Crash005 wrote:
Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:27 pm
Bird announced it will be doing all repairs in house and is discontinuing the Mechanic program. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.
For good reason too.
Who wants to pay a bunch of unsupervised wrench potatoes just mucking around to get paid for shoddy "repairs" only to need legitimate repair the next day.

This was what they sent out and just got another one about going to a flat rate for charging now.

   Hi Christopher, 

We’ve had an amazing ride with our Bird Mechanic community over the last year. Your diligence and hard work helped make bringing an eco-friendly transportation option to the city of Dallas not only a possibility but a reality. 

In order to better serve the community, we are expanding our in-house repair facilities. As a result, we will be ending the mechanic program in Dallas in the next few weeks, and beginning now damaged Birds will no longer be able to be captured. Please repair and/or transport any Birds that you have in your tasks. 

Thank you again for your time, effort, and the stories you’ve shared with us. 

Please keep an eye out for upcoming announcements about your Mech account as we begin the transition. 

Until the next ride, 
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The mechanic program will end on March 1st 2019 in San Antonio Tx.
I predicted this would happen because the company was blingly hiring "mechanics" who have no real experience in this line of work.

It is a bummer for the real mechanics who did the job correctly and enjoyed doing so.

They claim to have In-House mechanics but not sure if thats just In Califonia or in each city they do business in.
I tried asking Bird scooter company directly but they claim to have no details at the moment.

They just discontinued this in my area too. I was charging and fixing scooters on separate accounts. Now one is gone and the other isn't worth my time.

It was great why it lasted! I didn't think this would last forever but out after a year caught me by surprise.

Atlanta program ended last night. Exact same email as the Dallas email. I've repaired around a thousand scooters since they started the program, which I did as a hobby. Unfortunately, too many people didn't take the job seriously and either did crappy repairs, or just acted as transporters. I wish Bird would have done a better job screening, on-boarding, and monitoring gig mechs instead of ending the program. Like some of the other "master mechs" I took the job very seriously, and there was almost nothing I couldn't fix; I certainly developed more knowledge than the facility, and shared with them tricks and tips. Oh well, nice while it lasted.

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