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Fly with the flock
By NoisyNeighbor
Bird does this to keep their scooters out of the elements during bad weather. When they were first getting started they'd do this for predicted rain storms. A few times I'd receive a text in the early morning telling me to hold onto the scooters.

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By Koobdan
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Do you gets a heads up before they do this? Like a text letting you know so you can go grab as many scooters as possible? Or do they let you know after you’ve got the scooters captured?

By JJ434
The text has come through typically between 11pm and midnight explaining that the release was either cancelled or delayed.
They have also explained that they couldcommunicate for early captures in the event of severe weather as well where all the scooters will be on the charger map with bounties, though this has not yet happened locally.

By Chrisbrouss
Im in Austin and twice i was asked to hold on to birds. The first time just a day, a week later i was to hold them for 5 days. So i did and not long after that i was paid a surprising amount . And then everything was done as promised.

By JJ434
After a two day weather hold in my market I'm having to go back and forth with charger support to get paid for four birds and two extra days. A guy said they only pay if part of a 'pilot program.'
That is not an acceptable answer.

At the beginning of this game it was explained differently. Why would anyone give away free rent and electricity, especially as a private contractor?

These guys/gals at Bird are truly learning as they go with this technology and certainly don't have it all figured out. At times at the expense of their labor force.


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