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LoL !!
Their "Hunter Network" is just Bluetooth and GPS on the scooter and Bird'app. They make it sound like its "Bird Recovery Swat Team" or something of value because its a sales pitch. At best it shows a location to owner and Chargers or Mechanics. ( Bird Chargers and ‘Mechs ARE the “Team”) Presumably, If inclined, a Charger/Mech might pick it up (if not steal it for themselves) and help get it returned if the stolen scooter was just found laying around somewhere.

Btw, Those scooters are just "pre-order" at this time. They are trying to see if there is realistic interest with stupid people actually buying a $400 scooter at insane $1,200 high price.
humanbeing21 wrote:
Tue May 14, 2019 9:48 pm
The Bird Hunter Network is definitely real. Bird lists this as a reason to buy their new scooter.
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Freebird wrote:
Tue May 14, 2019 10:24 pm

I think I caught one of the Bird-Hunters repossessing a hacked scooter. Sorry for the grainy unfocused photo.
you a funny motherf***er man. for real. this sh*t had me rollin!
Aint nobody out there scooping up scooters like that. What a joke. Notice how the people that made claim to that sh*t had only one post? f**king ridiculous.
And to the loss prevention people working for Bird.....youll never stop theft when you leave your sh*t all over the streets. People will always figure out a way to come up. Wrong or right, thats just how it is. Especially in the hood.
And if you want MY scooter.....Well, all I can say is......come and get it. I dare you.
sh*t, in my neighborhood if you hop out a van to snatch up somebodies scooter, youll probably turn around to find your van just got stolen. And turn around again to find 5 guys asking you where you from?. hahaha. Now theres a scare tactic for ya, except what Im saying might really happen.
Cool thing is, this whole conversation has left me with a wonderful idea for the name of my latest creation. Im gonna call it "Ridin' Birdy"

..... and if you dont get the joke you can catch up on your hip hop essentials here:
be good, boys, and keep an eye on your scooters. Bird hunters or not, you cant trust nobody out in them streets!
I dont know the legitimacy of the claim about the hunters but recently I have had an encounter with a bird hunter attempting to repossess 4 scooters ( he got two back pop the cases of the wheels people and look for aerial stixkers)he did mention that when a scooter dies or has its head disconnected it leaves the death ping with location .. I also had encounter with the white van and the cops the van stayed outside a place i park my rv the cops came() and locked me in my spot I took a walk with my bf and dog (2hours) when I came back they were gone .... idk if it was bird or not
scootrok77 wrote:
Tue May 14, 2019 5:59 am
And by the way, the only way the scooter is linked to anyone is the Sim card. Remove that and the scooter is yours. Cops can't do sh*t bird can't do sh*t . I ride mine in Mesa had a bird watcher follow me to the light rail station and I ditched him . Couldn't track me. Cuz I removed the gps. The danger is a bunch of wanna be cops and idiots , mainly chargers , trying to be captain save a scooter. Don't leave your sh*t out side. I put mine in a shopping cart when I go to the store and put a after market gps tracker just in incase . Be street smart and no the law. I ordered a sticker fir mine. When it comes I'll post pix I guarantee you'll live the irony.
That’s actually not true. The scooter has a serial number and the control board, the battery, and the motor all have identification numbers that are printed on a sticker and also transmitted over Bluetooth while the scooter is on. It is easy to locate a device that uses Bluetooth down to a few feet once you can detect its signal. That signal broadcasts every few seconds on a m365 or Segway if it is powered on.
Nets123 wrote:
Tue May 14, 2019 12:05 am
You are a f**kin ret*rd, why the hell would I lie about some sh*t like that? We are all on this forum to help each other on a common cause. So what ever trip your on you need to do it somewhere else cause we look out for one another on here, even if we do not know each other. So again I share my experience in this game with you all so that we can also know what to look for while we are working to complete tasks at hand.

Soooo you're saying that you just sat inside your house while they searched your vehicle illegally and they found more scooters inside your van and took those as well?? Hmmmm yeah bro not buying that BS.. First of all dumbass if you obtained ANY of those scooters legally then what are you doing hiding inside your house like a little chickenshit? Second of all If they are searching your vehicle they have to have a warrant to do so and Third but most important....... You need to put that crack pipe down and get your paranoid *ss together because nobody is staking out your damn house looking for scooters unless you were so damn high that you forgot to disable the GPS when you stole all of them and brought them to your house!!! LOLOL Now, if thats the case which I'm assuming is if this wild story you said is even true than your dumbass could probably use some time in a cell to get off the drugs you f**king lame
Okay seriously the bird watchers or they're they're recovery team yet it's real big goofy tall geek and glasses and he was standing in yelling with his big dumb head peeking with the wall watching me work on a bird three he said can I have that scooter back please and luckily he didn't see the battery as I gave him the bird three my battery and everything else inside yeah but I got a bird too again slid that battery into it and painted the whole thing glossy black thing looks dope now
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