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Hoes Inc wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2019 12:32 pm
Scooter map seemed to suck for me, so I wrote my own map: (LA focused right now)

It's hacky code just for me and one area, but that's only because I've had no reason to change it. I get a lot more info than ScooterMap, and I decoded a lot of things that tell me a scooter isn't there any more and I take it off the map or replace it with a cute ghost (ghost usually means someone has taken a scooter prisoner)

Also features:
-Ride photos
-Bypasses obfuscation of codes and identifiers
-Shows TASKS and RIDES and UNLISTED scooters (e.g. debug mode scooters)
-Scooters that are sitting around unlocked not captive!
-Shows captive scooters in cages
-Shows new scooters as chickens hatching from eggs
-Lots of filters at the top, could be as complex as queries and filters and notifications as you want
-Capture & ride from the map without ever using the spies-on-your-every-move-in-background app

If there was genuine interest I could develop it further or put it on Github. The hard work is done.

Bird API is trivial and very poor privacy.

For gateway errors, please migrate from use or or - the latter are running older copies of the database

i would be interested in taking a look at the code/framework ; i too am working on my own version of scootermaps tailored to my 'play' style , i have a framework built around codeigniter/nodejs/openframeworks/UE4 lets talk To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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