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Enjoy the juice
By Jray517
If you want to charge lime, best to apply for a job. At least here, they have a large warehouse someone’s always working at. Employees are paid 15 an hour to go out at 730 and get as many as they can before 9 , then go back out at 11 and get any stragglers.

They just want you to get the harder to get ones.
White pickup trucks.

They also removed the external battery ones because the battery could be removed and sold. No fire lol why do you think bird uses the same exact type of external batt?

Oh and never ever ride. I used it one time, a week later got an email they were charging me 100$ because the background in my done riding pic was dark, and no ones rode it in a while. Some someone could smash a lime you just finished riding and you’ll get the bill To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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By surveyorandrew
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Hope you didn't have to pay the $100 fine. That's a shame Lime is taking it out on chargers like that. They need to wake up and realize we are the ones keeping their company together, not the ones tearing it apart!
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By SKIPzophrenic
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Just keep arguing the $100 fine until you get a refund. You will eventually just keep sending new messages to support until it's resolved. As for $15/hr, that's less than appealing. I make upwards of $60/hr being a charger using my Prius.
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By blanxable
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I'd quit over a $100 fine for a bad picture. Go be a contract charger instead.

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By Koobdan
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Is this a lIme thing 2 have chargers be employees? That could be why I never find limes to charge.

By Jenschuster1
Charging for lime sucks. You have many stuff against you. The lime employees go out every day and go pick up lime that have battery levels 1 & 2 before the 9pm harvest time. The payout per harvest lime is really low from $4 to $5 per scooter. So it's hard to find limes to harvest. The payout is low because they're paying their employees to do the same job as the contractor. And they make up some lame excuse on why the payout is low. They need to leave the scooter charging to the contractor. They need to have the regular employees fix these scooters when they are damaged.

I don't understand why the lime company is making it so hard for the contractors to do there only job. The company needs to understand without the contractors harvesting the limes scooters at night. They wouldn't have a business. The contractors are the business. The company needs to work with the contractors not against them. It's bull on how they are treating. Then make up excuses and lies on why they are treating us like this.

By JJ434
Lime came to our town at a $6 bounty per scooter for three weeks. I banged out about 200 scooters at $6. January 3, 2019 the price went down to $4. No thanks. After Bird showed up, less people going after $4 Limes they raised the bounty to $5.

Lime says their pricing is 'dynamic.' That's cool, my fee is 'dynamic' as well. No Juicers were touching those heavy $4 scooters and they raised the bounty. You should have seen the map! Nightly $4 scooters were everywhere and no one was picking them up.

The lesson I got was that I refuse to charge a $3 or $4 scooter. Not just because its not worth my resources, because it helps the market conditions in favor of all the chargers & juicers. Look at other cities on your juicer/charger map. You can see how the bounties vary by city.
The markets where $3 and $4 scooters sit untouched, the bounty raises. It takes this thing called PATIENCE that is often hard for humans, myself included. It has a collective monetary pay out if it can be collectively exercised.

Set your minimum price per scooter that you will pick up and stick with it. Do not compromise your minimum price. Mine is $5. It doesn't help when the cause when grabbing $3 because they are close to $5. I grab the $5+ out of the pack and leave the rest behind. Then the bounty increases. Its the dynamic pricing game...If you want more cash maybe exercise these dynamic charger principles that work for me?

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