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We’re excited to announce that Lime will be activating a new Juicer Pay Portal tomorrow that will make accessing your payments easy and ensure timely payment.

In order to get access to your funds and transfer them from your Pay Portal to your bank, you must activate your Pay Portal when you receive your next payment.

On your next payment, you will receive an email from notifying you of a payment on the way. This email will provide you with the information necessary to activate your Pay Portal account and access your funds. You will need your birth date and your bank account information to set up your account.

If you have not yet received this email, please double-check your junk folder as the message may have been routed there by mistake.

Happy Juicing!

Lime Team

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Tried to ad a Venmo debut card (not a option currently) tried to ad a pay pal account to pay to (not a option in the USA) Asked about how to get a card that’s talked about on the site (not available). Not sure how this pay portal is so different. All this info came from using ‘help chat’ on the site
Anyone find out something different?

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