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Enjoy the juice
By misterlo

The charger has just arrived at my home, the scooter and is currently charging. :D
Good news, the original display is working again.
I wait a bit, then I go to flashing at 25 km / h to unlock.

I would not fail to come back to you to inform you of the success or failure of the operation.
By misterlo

After several attempts I arrive at the same result with an absence of dialogue with the scooter controller.
To be on connections, I made a wiring with soldering of the wires in order to remove the shitty connectors from the st-link v2.

I think the ST-LINK is a Chinese that does not work :oops: I just ordered a high-end product ST-LINK / V2 - STMicroelectronics.

The product arrives at my house tomorrow, if it still does not work I go to the installation of a personal controller. :evil:

Best regards
By M20001

I don´t understand why it doesn´t work on your scooter, have you checked the wiring STlink to Controller?
It can be possible that your stlink clone does not work, the only geniue Stlink are from ST and they have only two
versions one without isolation and another with isolation between computer and target device (expensive) it can be possible
that the clone does not work. If you have the geniue stlink, and it does not work, check the wiring between stlink and
controller, and VERY IMPORTANT: leave the controller completely connected to the scooter and CONNECT A CHARGER ON THE
SCOOTER! Thats very important otherwise it woll not work.
By misterlo
Hello M20001,

I finally succeeded with the new ST-LINK V2 unlocking the LIME GEN 3 scooter with the 25 km / h patch. :mrgreen:

I still have to find a solution to turn it off when it is not in use. :?:

Thanks for sharing.
By M20001

Thats with the turn off is a problem we cannot solve actually. The best solution is if we can write a app to
lock the scooter like the lime app does. But i do not have the needed knowledge, and i cannot find someone
actually who has the knowledge, so actually the only way ist to disconnect the lights of the scooter and leave it unlocked, sorry but actually there is no other solution.
By misterlo

Possible to simulate a standby by cutting the negative circuits of the lamps and the display with the mounting of a switch on the line.
This can be a solution while waiting for better :?:
By M20001
Thats a possibility actually we cannot communicate to the green box of the scooter because we do not have a
way to get the bluetooth password or change it to a known password. The green box has a green connector we should
find out for what this connector is, it is not connected to the scooter so i think its like other members already said a diagnostic
port. So its eventually possible to configure the green box over this connector.
By misterlo

I understand, while waiting for a soft solution, I will cut the negatives of the lamps and display to simulate a standby without being forced to connect a charger.

Thank you for your help, thanks to you my scooter works
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