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Thanks to Jose Cuervco, for giving me the file from a american Lime Gen3 we have now a unlocked 25kmh Version of the
.hex for the Lime Gen3. You can download it ... UePLa?dl=0

Goto Lime File Hex Backup and take the 25 kmh unlocked Version. You can then flash it on your scooter and drive 25kmh.
I will see if i get it done to make the Scooter faster, but actually i am not able to find how the limiter exactly works, iam not so
familiar with software but i think sometime i will find out.
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No mine does not look like this one. I do not have the red bar on my screen. Is it possible that your scooter is broken? Theres such a weird edge on the bottom side of the screen, is it possible that the scoter electronic is damaged? My scooter show
the battery power in percent istead of the red bar.
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