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By baubabauu
just bought one of these from scrap market.
didn't know what kind of scooter because it was deleted everything off it.
now, i'm trying to get it working.
if anyone has any recomandations, pls tell.
the i saw that the gypsy seller took off gps system from the front.
By Jcg
Link discord is expired

bagnare wrote:
Thu May 20, 2021 10:00 pm
sorry for this late reponce, you have to open the cover containing the controller remove the black cable with 6 pin coming from the battery holder cut it take a battery or minimum 5v power supply and connect the small red and black cable clakk and hoop the battery comes out MY DISCORD
By RonaldVog

I want to add a read more button to news manager.

I can create function to edit and save short and full text but i cant make the more button link to show the full article


Latest firmwares SamFirm
By baubabauu
Bought this 1000w controller
Made the settings to display exactly as other kind of scooter that has 350w controller. That scooter goes 28.5 km/h if it is on table suspended , and this one has top speed 82.8 km/h.
The only problem i have is that the battery goes into prottection after a few seconds . I have to bypass the bms. Any suggestion about that?
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