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By Jevako030
dijkie wrote:
Fri Aug 26, 2022 3:35 am
thnx for testing this.

do you have the link of the one you ordered ?
( this one for example ?? : ... EcKR8lQPnW )

i think these have 5 connections, 3 outgoing to the controller and i think 2 for the power, how did you connect the power ?
Yes these are the good Hall sensor 41 F,
I have this one too but it's just a bit too small so you have to bend the outer hall out carefully. You also need a 7-pin cable, just a cheap one from the ali is good, with hall sensor you have no more error messages and more functions with your controller
By Jevako030
dijkie wrote:
Tue Sep 06, 2022 4:05 pm
ok, also i ordered this one ... 5ljvFlQsMh
to be able to use 2 extra wires for the 5V for the Hall sensors
Okay great,
Then you can also connect the temperature sensor that is in the motorwheel to the white "hall"' wire. It is best to connect the phase wires first, you can easily disconnect the old ones and solder the new ones on. Then insert the Hall sensors, you have to bend the outer ones out a bit { very carefully. That you don't bend it is very thin because those legs. Glue immediately and let it dry and do not bend anymore. I put the circuit board with heat resistant sealant on it. When it is dry then solder the Hall sensors otherwise it will keep moving and you may tear it to pieces (I had that the first time) When you put it back in the magnet wheel make sure that the thin copper ring is properly in place otherwise it will get stuck With a view to the shaft, put some grease or oil on the cable so that it goes through easily. It's really a huge improvement with Halsensors Good luck man
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