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By alexis5629
Im working on a Lime 2.5, and i have 2 problems, that i do not found anything on internet:
Do anyone knows how, and where i can find parts of this scooter? I already look in Ebay, Marketplace, AliExpress, etc. I have the stop light broken, the brake broken too, and the front light not working, the problem here is that Lime left my country about a year ago, so im in a search of this, Im from México.

The second problem
I Need to conect the controller to unlock it, so, i was asking for a video of how to do this? Im in blank in this theme, i tried to read a tutorial but i honestly dont understand anything, i have discord so if u cand send mi a vid there or I dont know if u can atatch here: DeathWish#5900 and what controller should I buy?
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