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By id5020
The box probably uses UART (TX, RX) to communicate with the motor controller.
Thus if you remove this connection, the display won't work aswell.
There should be no separate line of communication for locking/unlocking and speed.
What you could try is to replace the green box with an Arduino/Raspberry Pie. But this requires a lot of research on how the communication between controller & box and box & display works.

By E39
Thanks for answer. At the moment I learn a lot about this scooters are working. I viewed the pictures from M20001 again. The green plug pins are described. There are RX and TX wires (no chance, a lot of research, right) - and - there are !!! hall sensor 5V, hall signal and ground, going from motor controller up to the greenbox and throttle. Yeah. That means: the motor controller get the throttle signal directly, without the greenbox. So I can try to connect this 3 wires directly to the motor controller.

Edit: a working display is not important for me. I would accept this if the scooter comes to run. Battery level and speed information are nice but not really necessary.

Edit 2: I have the answer. There are 2 cabels going from controller up to the greenbox. Disconnect only the black plug. Its only for the greenbox. The green one goes up to brake and throttle and is necessary. But I had no luck. It seems like the controller works not well. After one minute it stops running. The blinking LED on controllers pcb stopped blinking. One moment later lights were going off.

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By JimFiction
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Maybe I should feel a little bad but it was amusing to read what you think you have found out here, to read what you think you have found out here.
Do you know how it works now?
You can't just leave out the green box! You have to remove the SIM card and reassemble everything neatly. Of course you should disconnect the 36 Volt battery and discharge the controller or the capacitors of the controller before you do this, otherwise you will probably destroy the green box.
the best way to discharge the battery is to short the plus and minus of the main power cable of the controller with a resistor.
After you have flashed the controller and the system is working you should not disconnect any cables from the green box, otherwise the green box will be destroyed by voltage peaks.

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