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Your Charger News & Updates - November 16, 2018

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November 16th, 2018

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Bird Updates

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Introducing Release Rating
The Charger community plays an integral role in making sure that Birds are released into nests in a way that benefits the full community — riders and non-riders alike. Our newest feature, Release Rating, will provide feedback on each of your submitted release photos to make sure that we’re creating a safe environment for all.

As a refresher, Birds should be parked close to the curb and facing the street near bike parking, trees, or street signs. Following these guidelines will result in a good release rating.

On the other hand, releases should not block ADA/wheelchair ramps, sidewalks, walkways, fire hydrants, doorways, or driveways. In areas where there may not be enough space, Birds should be placed parallel to the street and the nest should be reported through ‘Help’ in the app so we can appropriately relocate it.

Good releases and photos:
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It’s important that you take a good photo of each of your releases, as poor photos will result in a poor rating. Make sure that you stand back a few steps to show the full width of the sidewalk or area where Birds are placed in your photo.

Releasing Birds into Nests the right way promotes our good relationship with your city. We take this very seriously — if your release rating dips below 85%, your account will be reviewed by our Charger city team and your Services Agreement with Bird may be terminated. This new feature will be coming soon, and we'll notify you when your releases have been rated.

Charger Safety
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Not all Birds like to get wet
The seasons are changing, temperatures are dropping, and rain and snow are hitting cities across the US. It's possible that you'll come across Birds that have been out in bad weather conditions — like rain storms, flooding, and blizzards. It's important that you follow these safety tips before capturing and charging these Birds.

If you come across a Bird that is submerged in water (or that you suspect has been submerged in water at any point), please do not touch or attempt to capture this Bird. Instead, immediately report its location and send a picture to 'Help' in the app. For your safety, please do not attempt to charge a Bird that has been submerged in water.

If it has been lightly raining or snowing outside, make sure that the Bird you have captured is sufficiently dry before attempting to charge it.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about a Bird, please contact support using the 'Help' section in your app.

Charger Spotlight
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Nate P. from Indianapolis

“When I wake up, and start driving around the city I see people riding Birds to work, to school, and for fun... It’s cool to see that. It makes me feel like a part of this big machine — the city.'

Bird: How has charging made a difference in your life?
Nate: Birds came to Indianapolis one week before I became homeless. I might be living on the streets, sleeping out of a storage unit, and my car, but I know if I charge 20 Birds - $100 will show up in my account the next day.

Bird has helped me get off the streets... I can't thank you guys enough for the opportunity you've created.

Bird: What strategies do you use when capturing or charging?
Nate: I go out with my girlfriend every night around 9:00 p.m., and we start filling the car up with Birds. She scans and I load!

Bird: Tell us an interesting story about a time you were out charging.
Nate: It was about 9:30 p.m. and I was scanning some Birds near an almost empty parking lot. A man pulled up in a work van, and got into his personal truck.. His trucks battery had died, and I just so happened to be there, at that empty parking lot, at the perfect time. It's the little things.

Want to share your Charger story with the rest of the community? Share it with us below, and you'll receive a $20 ride credit if you're featured.


Migrating Birds
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Birds have crossed the pond and landed in London for a pilot in Olympic Park! Thank you to our Bird community for making this possible.

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