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By Edmund
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Failed Launches Continue
The west coast scooter company, Bird Rides, Inc., launched in Richmond, VA and Waco, TX over the weekend meeting strong opposition. Cities have caught on to Bird’s surprise launches and have used lessons learned from other cities to meet the company head on.

In Richmond, scooters were collected and impounded mirroring a similar tactic used by the city of Mount Pleasant, SC. By Bird dropping scooters on public sidewalks they are in violation of Sec. 24-59 which requires authorization for encroachment. City officials and Bird have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday to determine how to proceed.

To remove Bird scooters from their streets city officials in Waco ,TX contacted Bird directly to have them removed. As a result Bird “voluntarily” removed the scooters two days after their launch. At this time no meeting is scheduled between Bird and Waco to bring electric scooters back to the city.

The days of cities being slow to react to Bird surprising them with scooters are over. Where Bird will launch next is unknown but cities are more prepared.

After scooter sneak attack on Richmond, Bird set to meet with city officials
Electric scooters in downtown Waco are gone after a two-day run

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By Edmund
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Richmond Update:
City officials and Bird met Tuesday morning to discuss the future of the dockless scooter in the city. No decision was reached by the end of the meeting and for the time being the scooters remain banned. This did not prevent Bird from operating in the city as many were spotted in use today.

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By Rocksta87
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This is dumb. People love using Birds and they reduce traffic. Sure their are a few bad apples who will leave them in bad places after riding but that’s not the norm. These cities need to find a way to work with Bird and bring other transportation options to their city.

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