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Councilman Paul Koretz is proposing a ban on electric scooters until the city can set up ordinances. Some of the items being proposed are the option to pay cash, a 30 min free ride for families below the poverty line, and impounding scooters that are broken or parked incorrectly for more than two hours.

No clue how Bird would be able to know if a scooter was parked incorrectly and no to move it. Seems impractical to even suggest this let alone temporarily ban on scooters until they figure it all out.

You can read the full article here:
L.A. Councilman Paul Koretz seeks a temporary ban on electric scooters

According to this article Bird has been temporarily pulled off the streets in their home town of Santa Monica.
Bird Scooters suddenly shuttered their operations in Santa Monica Monday afternoon in a bold move to save their business here. The local start-up failed to get the endorsement of a key committee for the City’s official electric scooter pilot program launching this September. After flooding the City with scooters over the summer in an attempt to compete, Lime also failed to win the endorsement.

Instead, the official selection committee recommended awarding contracts for Lyft and Jump (which is owned by Uber) to launch their own electric bike and scooter operations here.

“This group inexplicably scored companies with no experience ever operating shared e-scooters higher than Bird who invented this model right here in Santa Monica,” a Bird spokesperson wrote in an email to local riders. Both companies planned to rally outside City Hall at 5 p.m. Tuesday as City Council officials show up for their public meeting.

Until then, Bird says their scooters will remain inoperable in the city.

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