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November 2nd, 2018

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Repair Resources

New Repair Types
There are 3 new types of repairs for Mechanics — Control Cable Replacement, Brake Cable Replacement, and Front Wheel & Motor Replacement. Step by step instructions can be found in the model repair guide.

Review the safety section carefully before attempting these new repairs. If you have any questions with these new repairs, please contact Mech Management.


How-to: Brain Jump
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Some Birds that are marked damaged are offline, and will need a brain jump before you can repair the reported damage.

To see if the Bird is offline, check the brain box on top for lights. If there are no lights, then the Bird is offline. Follow the repair steps in the video to jump the Bird and continue with your repair process.

If you're not able to bring the Bird back online after attemping a brain jump, please take the Bird to a storage unit like a normal Transport Task. Do not release an offline Bird into a Nest.

If the Bird has wires exposed, the brain removed, the brain box open or damaged, do not attempt a brain jump. Please transport the Bird to your local storage unit.


Repair Videos
We've updated our Mechanic Resources to include repair videos for the common repair types for every Bird model. Check out the new videos, save the link for easy access, and let us know if there are any repairs that you think should be added.

Storage Units

We have new storage unit access hours! Fleet Coordinators will be available at the storage units Monday-Friday from 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.*

If you are at the unit during these hours and do not see your Fleet Coordinator, or a sign that says "will return at", please contact Help in the App.

Storage units will not be available outside of the above hours.

*Los Angeles has different hours for the facility, please contact Help if you have questions

When you're at your local storage unit, please be respectful and courteous to others at the storage facility and follow the general storage unit etiquette.

Mechanic Spotlight
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Scott — Texas

"My name is Scott — I am a ride mechanic at SixFlags, Fiesta Texas. I work on the roller coasters. My wife and I started repairing Birds in July. We have 4 kids who love Bird hunting with us. We do it as a family. It is a lot more fun and rewarding than roller coasters! I have 20+ years experience in the industry as a mechanic and over seeing other mechanics.

My wife has a background in marketing. I never thought I would see her repair anything until she saw the opportunity Bird has given our family both financially and the quality time and freedom we are now able to spend together. We are humble and grateful to be a part of Bird and the future of Bird."

Want to share your Mechanic story with the rest of the community? Share it with us below, and you'll receive a $20 ride credit if you're featured.


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