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By humanbeing21
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Came across an article about Bird’s upcoming launch in Chicago. In it they interviewed someone from Bird and they gave insight into why Bird gets permits ahead of time for some cities but not others.
“When we launch, we comply with the laws on the books,” Bird spokesman Kenneth Baer told the Chicago Sun-Times earlier this summer. “In a good number of cities, the law is silent or not clear on how to treat this new technology. So that causes some of the turbulence. Chicago is being forward-thinking here.”

Bird’s enthusiasm for a well-defined set of rules comes after difficult roll-outs in several cities across the country. Bird’s scooters, along with those of competitors like Lime, have faced everything from lawsuits to flat-out bans in places such as Milwaukee, Nashville, and Miami.
You can read the full article here.

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By Nottinghaam
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Sounds like something I heard recently. I was talking with someone and they mentioned that if they had walked in the front door of City Hall and asked how to proceed then it would have taken months for the city to decide. Instead, they try to force the city to expedite things by making it public while staying within their interpretation of the current laws and regulations.

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By guisar
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It's nice to see Bird isn't following the Uber model exactly of going into every city with without regard to the local laws and regulations. If they waited for local governments to make a ruling for them each time they'd never expand quick enough to stay ahead of the competition.

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