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October 19th, 2018

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Charger Pro-tip — Report a Bird
If you believe a Bird is in a place where it shouldn't be, such as an uncaptured Bird being held within a private residence, select the Bird, navigate to More Options, and select Report. Give us a detailed description as to what’s going on and our team will investigate.

When you report a Bird in the app for suspicious or fraudulent behavior, it flags Chargers for our review. Reporting a Bird is by far the most helpful thing you can do to fight fraud in your community, and we actively monitor these reports and use the data for warnings and suspensions.

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Missing Birds
If you’ve arrived at the pin location of a Bird and you’re having trouble locating it, tap Alarm and the Bird will chirp. You can use this as a guide to the Bird's location. If you still can’t locate the Bird, tap Mark Missing to let us know that the location is not accurate. Birds that are marked missing are now removed from your Charger map.

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Charger Spotlight

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Christian — Los Angeles, CA

Charger Christian moved from Texas to Los Angeles and started charging with Bird. We invited him to speak with the Bird team and tell his story, so we could learn from him and help improve the Charger experience.

Here's part of his story:
Bird: How has charging changed your life?
Christian: Charging got rid of my homelessness and had provided me with amazing opportunities to provide my services to Bird and the community! I’ve went from charging forty plus Birds off multiple car batteries in a storage unit to now a warehouse/loft with 480V of current ready to charge!

Bird: Tell us a story about a time you were out charging.
Christian: I wanted to be the first Charger to release one morning and while driving by the beach I saw black smoke in the sky. The Washington/Venice Pier had just gone into a stage two fire unreported. I immediately exited my car and ran to see if anyone needed help and called 911 for LAFD to respond. As soon as LAFD and LAPD responded and took my report, I was still able to release all my Birds before 4:30 A.M.

Bird: What strategies do you use when capturing or charging?
Christian: Sticking to the [Charger Community Guidelines] and utilizing the power of my mind when I come to an obstacle.

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James D — Virginia Beach, VA

We love to see the creative and entrepreneurial ways that our Charger community transports the Birds that they capture. James rigged this carrier to be able to capture Birds and says he can fit up to 4 Birds at a time.

Bird: How has charging changed your life?
James: I’ve tried many jobs and I’ve been around the world. I’ve worked for many businesses and I’ve owned my own business. I’ve been waiting for the next best thing to come around and now I know what [it is]. That would be Bird scooters.

Bird: Any advice for other Chargers?
James: Work hard, be safe, be kind.

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Bird is the Word

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Chargers at Austin City Limits Music Festival

Austin City Limits is is a music festival in Austin, TX that takes place over 2 weekends and attracts about 450,000 people each year.

A huge thank you to our Charger community in Austin for working with us and the city to give the Austin City Limits attendees a great ride experience to the event. We're looking forward to next year!

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