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By Edmund
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Bird and Lime are in talks with investors about raising more capital. Each is being valued north of $3,000,000,000. This comes months after the previous equity raise and highlights the strategy of rapid cash burn to expand market share, increase revenue, and raise the valuation.

Lime is in talks with Uber, who invested during a prior round, about a possible acquisition of the escooter company. Both have been contacted by powerful investor Softbank who has shown interest in getting into the shared escooter industry. It's unclear if they'll go with Bird, Lime, or stick with the ride-sharing investment it made in Uber at the end of 2017.

Check out the full LA Times Article below.
Scooter start-ups Lime and Bird are said to seek more funding — at higher valuations

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By guisar
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These companies spend so much money. With the cost of replacing scooters and paying chargers/mechs I doubt either company is making money in any city they operate in.

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