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October 5th, 2018

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Updates — The New Mech Map

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We’ve been hard at work with the Mechanic community, building the things you told us would help you the most while you're out finding and repairing Birds. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve redesigned the Mechanic Map to make it easier to see the information that's most important to you. You'll soon be able to see how long ago the Bird was ridden and located, and what the status is all in one tap. You'll even be able to filter the map!

We're excited to share the redesigned Mechanic Map with you. You'll begin seeing these changes over the next few weeks as the update rolls out to all Mechanics.

Repair Before & After Photos
Repair photos help us determine if repairs were made correctly, and we actively monitor them to confirm the quality of the repairs done. Next time you take your photos, make sure you clearly show the damage in the 'before' photo, and the full repair in the 'after' photo.

Thank you for helping keep our Rider community safe!

Before & after photos should look like:
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Before & after photos should NOT look like:
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Pro-tip — Transport Birds FAQs
Q: What should I transport?
A: Birds that you cannot repair due to excessive damage or due to lack of parts.

Q: Where do I transport?
A: At your local storage unit — please message Help in-app for the exact address and hours of your closest storage unit.

Q: How do I release at storage?
A: Message Help in-app with the Bird IDs and photos of the Birds at the unit. Once you write in, someone from the team will release the Birds for you and add the payment for them to your account.
Make sure that you do not release or cancel tasks in the app when you transport Birds to a storage unit — this may cause you not to be compensated properly.

Q: Do I have to capture a bird given to me by a Fleet Coordinator at storage?
A: Yes, if you are given a Bird from storage, you must capture it in order to be compensated. Uncaptured Birds will not be recorded.

Mechanic Spotlight

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Perry S. — Santa Monica, CA

Bird: What is most rewarding about repairing Birds?
Perry: Repairing Birds gives me the freedom to create my own work schedule and allows me to do what I love for a living, and that’s fixing things!

Bird: Has being a mechanic changed your life? How?
Perry: Being a mechanic has given my wife and I an opportunity to work from home.

Bird: What strategies do you use when capturing or repairing?
Perry: My wife and I often go out and collect Birds for repair around 7am around Santa Monica. We also use that time as an opportunity to walk down the beach and enjoy the morning air. Two Birds, one stone! Pun intended.

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Get Social

Bird is the newest accessory at this year's Paris Fashion week — check out our favorite shots of everyone looking fly as a bird. Thanks to our international Mechanics that made these rides possible!

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Model Izabel Goulart

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Supermodel Natalia Vodianova

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