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Hello Peeps.

Heres link to Story:
[url]https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/21/a-lim ... his-month/[

OK, this was Lime scooters I work for Bird so Happy about that, this type of thing can kill a Brand. Something I noticed. Looks Like the Lime scooters only have an Electronic Break, - Someone correct me if I am wrong. - I am looking at the pic from the story i posted and analyzing the image of the scooter. anyway , if that is the case, they need to figure out why this is happening- what happening - maybe breaks not working well. I say this because i also drive for Uber- I had picked up this girl with her arm in a cast- I asked what happened she told me , I was on one of those LIME scooters and a car pulled into a turn as i was beginning to cross the street, I tried too break but the break didn't work so I crashed into the car and Broke my Arm. Not trying to bust Lime out But..... based on my experience of hearing about accidents on scooters. Both were Lime.

That Said , As a Mechanic for Bird Scooters. Always Check the Breaks and Dial them in tight. I make sure they will skid that rear wheel with a Quarter pull on the level. Be aware that if you do a Repair and do a Crappy Job, Someone cold get Hurt or Killed due to the Breaks not working properly. AND Scooter RIDERS - Check your Breaks when you first get on the scooter, Forgetting could cost you dearly.

I have seen two models of Lime scooters, one that uses a traditional disc brake and a newer model that has an e-brake. The model with an e-brake also instructs the rider to step on the rear fender to brake. Using both or either of the options feels unnatural, in my opinion, when applied.

It is truely a tragedy but it is also only significant because they are the first deaths reported on such vehicles. I don’t mean to sound callus but a death on an electric scooter is not so statistically different than a death on a bicycle (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

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