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The Midtown Alliance in Atlanta, GA has proposed holding riders responsible for bad, obnoxious behavior. This would be accomplished by affixing license plates to scooters and require the scooter companies to curtail and/or eliminate the customer privileges of frequent violators.

Read the full proposal here.
e) Holding riders accountable for unsafe actions. In our experience, there is a percentage of bike and scooter riders who operate these vehicles on sidewalks in a very unsafe manner. While these riders don’t have a monopoly on obnoxious
behavior, it’s a problem and one the companies themselves are uniquely positioned to help address with respect to their customers.

  • i. Companies should be required to affix a unique identification to each device so that it is visible coming and going at a distance of at least 10 feet, and to provide and publicize the phone number where unsafe practices
    can be reported by citizens.
  • ii. Based in part on this reporting, companies should be required to use reasonable efforts to curtail and/or eliminate the customer privileges of frequent violators, and to report to the City their efforts and success in
    doing so.

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