Top Electric Scooter Accessories of 2020

Electric scooters are a great way to get around, whether it’s joyriding within your neighborhood, or zipping through the streets of downtown. 

Scooters are environmentally friendly, economical and they’re just plain fun to ride. But riding a scooter can also be dangerous, especially if you’re not prepared with the proper gear. 

So before you jump on that scooter, here are a few important electric scooter accessories  that will both enhance your ride and help keep you.

13 Electric Scooter Accessories You Need


Of course, it all starts with the helmet. Even the terms of use for those rentable scooters all include a recommendation that you wear a helmet

The Bottom line, helmets save lives. Avid bicycle riders swear by their helmets and they’re going at half the speed of your scooter

If you don’t get anything else on this list, get a helmet.

Front Hook

Running errands on your scooter? If so, you’re also going to need a place for those shopping bags. 

If you try to hold a bag with one hand and steer with the other, then I truly hope you got that helmet, my friend. 

A hook for the front of your scooter holds your shopping bag in place and keeps your hands where they belong (on the handlebars).

Carry Case

No pockets? No problem! 

A hard-shell case that affixes to the front of your scooter can keep things like keys, cell phones and wallets protected and out of the way while you steer. 


A basket can be a great option if you need more storage space than the smaller carrying case can accommodate. 

Most scooter baskets are made of wire and can be added or removed with relative ease. 

A basket is a great option for carrying home your farmer’s market haul, especially if you want to save the planet and forego the plastic bags.

Cell Phone Mount

If you use your cell phone for navigation or hands-free talking, a cellphone mount is a must to help you keep your hands on the handlebars and your eyes on the road. 

Just remember not to text or browse Instagram while operating your scooter. And definitely no in-motion scooter selfies!

Reflective Vest

If you ride scooters long enough you’ll start the realize that car drivers can be real jerks. 

Let’s be honest, often drivers just aren’t paying attention to bikes and scooters. Keeping your scooter on the sidewalks can help, but there are places where you will be forced to share the road with vehicles of the 4-wheeled variety. 

A reflective vest will help drivers see you well before they can with their naked eyes. Keep a vest in your backpack. 

If you find yourself on a scooter at night, just take a couple extra seconds to put it on. It could literally save your life.


Another item that can help cars see you is a headlight. Headlights aren’t just for use in the dark. They can make your scooter more visible to cars in the daylight as well. 

Scooter headlights are easy to take on and off and are waterproof. Some also come with a tail light, which can really increase your visibility to the cars around you. 


Ok, so you’ve worn your vest and affixed your headlight and cars are still cutting you off and forcing you off the road.

 A powerful horn can help you make your presence is known and head off and collisions. This isn’t the clown horn of your childhood bike days. 

Today’s bike/scooter horns are electronic and loud. Loud enough to be heard by people inside a car.

Rear View Mirrors

If you are going to take your scooter into traffic, you’re going to need to know when cars are coming up behind you. 

By attaching rearview mirrors to your scooter, you can see cars approaching without turning to look over your shoulder, which can be dangerous. 

Knowing where other cars are will tell you if you need to hug the side of the road or if you have a little leeway to ride farther out in the lane. 

Scooter Lock

If you want your scooter to still be waiting for you after you’ve stood in line for your morning latte, you’ll want to invest in a good, solid scooter lock. 

While no lock is foolproof, studies have proven that bikes that are properly locked are stolen significantly less often than those that are not locked. 

Yes, I know that’s obvious, but it’s also true!

Cup/Water Bottle Holder

Once you’ve gotten your latte and unlocked your scooter for the drive home, you’ll need a safe place to store your cup. 

You could balance it while you steer, but the chances are good that you’ll end up wearing your latte instead of drinking it. 

A cup holder securely affixed to your scooter will keep your coffee/water bottle/ drink of choice safely tucked away and ready to drink at the next red light.

Carrying Strap

If you ride your scooter to work or school, you may not want to lock it up outside for eight hours. 

Let’s face it, even the best bike lock isn’t foolproof. A carrying strap is a small strap that attaches to the shaft of the scooter and allows you to easily take the folded scooter with you to your office, dorm room or school locker. 

A carrying strap can be a small price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing that your scooter is safe for the day (or night).

Bike Shorts

This last accessory is for the ladies. Two words. Bike shorts. Just because you ride a scooter to work doesn’t mean you’re relegated to a lifetime of pants in the office. 

There is an easy fix. Keep a pair of bike shorts in your purse, backpack or desk drawer. 

Slip them on under your skirt and scooter away without a care in the world. 

Below is a short video of some helpful electric scooter accessories:

As you can see, there are a variety of electric scooter accessories on the market that are designed to make your ride more enjoyable and keep you safe as you share the road with larger vehicles. So gear up and hit the open road!

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