Unagi Model One Review

Blue electric scooter

Check Price Intro The Unagi Model One is a scooter that is tailor-made for people who like a modern, futuristic design but don’t want to compromise on features to achieve that sleek look. In this scooter, design and appearance were top priorities and it is clearly meant to appeal to those who choose a scooter …

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Dualtron Thunder Review

Dualtron Thunder Scooter

Dualtron Thunder Top Speed 50 mph 80 kph Range 75 mi 120 km Charging Time 5 hrs Quick Charger Weight 95 lb 43 kg Motor (Dual) 5400W (Max) Battery 60V 35 Ah Tire Diameter 11 in 28 cm Load Capacity 265 lb 120 kg Check Price The Dualtron Thunder by Minimotors is one of the …

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Swagtron Swagger 5 Review

Swagtron Electric scooter

Check Price If your first impression is that the Swagger 5 looks a lot like the Xiaomi M365 scooter, you’re not alone. The swagger mimics the Xiaomi M365 in weight, motor size, folding features and frame design. The Swagger 5 doesn’t quite measure up to the Xiaomi M365 in all areas, but it does clock …

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